Amnesty - #iolochiedo

How do you ask for consent?

#iolochiedo is a campaign that goes beyond promoting the concept of "No means no" and focuses on the question of what constitutes consent - It represents the first campaign by Amnesty International Italia where the topic of sex is treated in positive terms, away from the gender-conforming system and its norms. #iolochiedo (the Italian for ‘I Do Ask’) challenges the users with the question "how do you ask for consent?" and attempts to switch the perspective and encourage people to find the answer inside themselves, because asking means to never take consent for granted. To date, the campaign managed to collect more than 30.000 signs on the petition. Click here to read and sign.

Client: Amnesty International Italia

Year: 2020

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Creative Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Concept Development